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Brandon 11/27/02

Send Greetings to Troops Overseas

By Davis Brister

While some soldiers will be home for the holidays, thousands of others will be protecting our country's interest overseas. They'll have little or no contact at all with their families and friends back home.  But one Mississippi woman has made it her mission to let our troops know just how much they are appreciated.

You might say Cindy Taylor-Dawson has a passion for the military.  She says, "I tried to enlist a few years ago, but they told me I was too old."

Last year, she worried the anthrax problem would scare people from sending our soldiers mail.  So she created a web-site from scratch called "Tree for the Troops."

Each heart represents a greeting sent through Cindy's web site to a soldier overseas.

"Last year, they came in over two hundred a night."  Some 3600 greetings came in over roughly a four week span.

She got such great feedback last year, so she decided to do it again.

"Over the last four weeks, I'm up to almost 1800 visitors for the site."

The greetings come from young and old, like this one: "I am seven years old. My name is chase thank you fighting to keep us safe. That is precious."

Some are close to the heart.  Part of her site is dedicated to soldiers killed fighting the war on terror.

She told us about one such soldier.  "His name is Peter, they sent me a picture of him. He has five beautiful daughters and a beautiful wife, this is why I do this, this is for them"

Taylor-Dawson is proud of her homemade site, but she says she's more proud it has touched literally thousands of lives.  She's looking for corporate sponsors to help her pay for expenses to upgrade the site.  If you would like to send a greeting, log onto .

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