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Police tase, handcuff emu

SCOTT COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - It was a pursuit of the animal variety Sunday morning as Scott County Law officers found themselves rounding up a loose emu on the interstate.

Since Friday motorists in Forest had been calling 9-1-1 reporting sightings of two emus on Interstate 20 and on Highway 80.

Authorities were never able to find the animals.

Officer Kiley Culpepper says around noon Sunday more calls led Scott County deputies to the I-20 on-ramp.

There the emu was dodging traffic.

Culpepper and deputies were able to surround the animal but had to taser it to finally handcuff it and get it off the roadway.

It's being held at the Scott County Forest Coliseum while investigators try to determine who owns it and where it belongs.

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