Troops Operate Flying Radio Station - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 03/20/03

Troops Operate Flying Radio Station

Some soldiers on this mission in Iraq are working in a "flying" radio station. It may sound strange, but some troops are providing radio and television programming to people in the Middle East, and they're sending their messages from an airplane loaded down with radio and television equipment.

The operation is called Commando Solo. It offers early warnings to Iraqi citizens and to Iraqi soldiers about pending attacks. The troops also offer directions to Iraqi soldiers on how to surrender.

A Jackson man saw a special on Commando Solo on NBC and spotted his grandson serving in the mission. Jay Lewis says his grandson Nathan Lewis is a Specialist in the Army and is in charge of providing the programming. Lewis says he's proud of his grandson and hopes the war ends soon.

"I think it's great. I'm happy with the whole operation," said Lewis. "I think somebody had to go in and do something to settle down the Mid-East. I just hope we get in and get out quick."

Lewis says his grandson was called to active duty last April and was suppose to return home this month.

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