Metro Jackson - Top 20 city for "awesome" economic recovery - - Jackson, MS

Metro Jackson - Top 20 city for "awesome" economic recovery

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

It's been a tough haul for many cities following the great recession. While some areas of the country struggle, at least one report from the Brookings Institute suggests others are making a strong comeback.

In fact the Jackson metro area is number 20 out of 100 metropolitan cities on its' way to "an awesome" recovery. The data was gathered from counties in a 25 mile radius of downtown Jackson. What keeps the area in the Top 100 nationally?  

Well it's a Capitol city. It has numerous hospitals and colleges. Employment numbers year to date are on the plus side at 2.2%. Home prices year to date were down 4.%...unlike other areas of the country that have suffered greatly from price slumps and foreclosures.

Important statistics that make this southern venue attractive to developers, according to Ben Allen President of Downtown Jackson Partners. "It's reaffirming what we down here know that the metro area is very strong, particularly downtown Jackson is going crazy and it's because the economic engines that drive us are the education system and medical system and government which are essentially as much to being recession proof as they can be."

Allen says the Capitol city is an economic engine. The Brookings Institute Metro Monitor tracked quarterly indicators of economic recession and recovery. Looking at four indicators, Jackson was ranked in the Top 20 out of 100 Metropolitan cities.

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