Mental health seminar held for storm victims and first responders - - Jackson, MS

Mental health seminar held for storm victims and first responders

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YAZOO COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Victims of the April 24th tornado continue cleaning up the widespread destruction the storm left behind.  So often the emotional toll a natural disaster brings is just as hard to recover from.

That's why the Mississippi Department of Mental Health along with the Warren Yazoo Mental Health Service organized a stress management seminar.  Mental Health professionals gathered at Yazoo County High School Thursday to help tornado victims and first responders cope with their emotional burdens.
"People who consider themselves first responders, we think of the fire department, EMT people.  We don't think about the people that went and helped their neighbor get out of their house or helped the girl next door fix her skinned knee," said Mississippi Department of Health Director of Disaster Preparedness Scott Sumrall.  "Those are first responders, and a lot of time people don't realize how much an event like that affects them and realize the things they are feeling are perfectly normal." 
Despite ads on the radio, in the local paper and in newsletters, no tornado victims or first responders attended the free mental health seminar.

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