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Slain officer leaves ominous Facebook message

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Questions still surround the investigation into Friday night's shooting death of Jackson Police Officer Glen Agee.

Hinds County authorities are leading that probe.

We share with you Officer Agee's thought's on life in his own words.

While Hinds County investigators focus on finding Officer Agee's service weapon, family and friends turn to his Facebook page for comfort.

His last post was June sixth.

On that day Agee wrote: "God promised us life on the other side. But the question is which side do you want to be on? The pit of fire or the land that flows with milk and honey. Today is the day that we need to encourage each other to live the Godly life."

The 31-year-old's ominous message gives a strong indication of his beliefs and thoughts on the afterlife.

In the days following Agee's death, law enforcement officers have searched a canal where the Collins native was found and the woods off Highway 18 where suspect Latwan Smith was captured.

Officer Agee had been on the Jackson force for only two months when he chased Smith who escaped from his squad car.

Investigators said the patrolman and the suspect struggled in the canal where Agee was shot and left submerged in water.

"I don't want to speculate on Mr. Smith's intention after he allegedly shot Officer Agee; however, we do believe there was a deliberate intent to conceal the location of the weapon," said Lt. Jeffery Scott with the Hinds County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators have questioned Smith and said he has offered several different versions of what happened.

"He tried to give us some type of indication of how this entire event unfolded, but again we will just have to let the evidence tell the real story," added Scott.

One piece of evidence is the missing 9 millimeter Glock 17.

A grid search of the densely wooded area will be the next step in the investigation.

That more intense search could begin as soon as Monday.

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