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Lorenzen Wright's personal assistant says she was slandered, files lawsuits

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By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Wendy Wilson, who said she was Lorenzen Wright's former assistant, said she has been slandered since the day Wright's body was found.

"This is asinine," Wilson said. "It's really going to hurt them and not me."

Wilson filed lawsuits against three people in Chancery Court Thursday. She said her comments about Wright's death have resulted in a barrage of media misconceptions.

"It's going to stop here," Wilson said.

Wilson's troubles began when she showed up at the crime scene the day Wright's body was found and suggested investigators should question Wright's ex-wife, Sherra Wright.

"I mean, she saw him last," Wilson said. "The stories have changed. She went to bed at 10, woke up at 11, he wasn't there. I mean, what is really going on?"

Wilson said within days, radio talk show host Thaddeus Matthews gave his listeners her cell phone number.

"He used means of intimidation via large airwaves and had people call and threaten me and put me in a bad light," Wilson said. "And all I did was tell the truth."

Matthews admitted he gave out Wilson's number.

"To me, her lawsuit is frivolous," Matthews said. "And all I'd tell her to do is bring it on."

Wilson is suing Gail Mathes, Sherra Wright's divorce attorney, for $2.5 million for comments she made. She is also suing Commercial Appeal columnist Geoff Calkins for $1.5 million for what he has written about her.

Wilson said her personal knowledge of Wright's relationship with his ex-wife has helped with the investigation.

"I was the former personal assistant to Lorenzen Wright and I gave facts that were very helpful in this investigation," Wilson said. "No one has to tell me that, God has told me that."

All three people named in Wilson's lawsuits have 30 days to answer to her complaints, which should officially become public record tomorrow.

Mathes and Calkins did not return calls Thursday.

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