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Sound Off: Strip Clubs & Prostitution

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By Dan Modisett - email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Strip clubs have been in the news lately. Tiffany's strip club was charged with running a house of prostitution and Danny's put up a billboard that drew lots of complaints from WLBT viewers. These fine establishments like to be called gentlemen's clubs. I prefer to call them what they are, sleazy joints that degrade women and are breeding grounds for crime.

The Supreme Court protects strip clubs right to operate saying that exotic dancing is an art form. So what can be done to rid our cities of these establishments? The answer is zoning regulations. First don't allow liquor to be served, after all you don't have a two drink minimum at a ballet performance. Second let's put the strip clubs as far as we can from our cities, like in the middle of nowhere. And finally do you remember the poll tax? Well I think we should have a new pole tax, a strip pole tax.

We may not be able to stop strip clubs from operating, but we certainly can make it less profitable. If exotic dancing is an art form then they should be starving artists.

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