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Jackson 08/30/03

Ghosts in Ellis Avenue Home Caught in Snapshot

By Joanna Gaitanoglou

If you're afraid of the dark, you might want to turn on all your lights before you read this story. A Jackson woman claims her house is haunted with not one but four ghosts. She invited WLBT to her home Saturday to see if we would find anything out of the ordinary.

Joyce Rouson says she's seen and heard strange things going on in her house on Ellis Avenue ever since she moved into it in 1997. Rouson says every year, a gruesome sight shows up in the corner of her living room: maggots.

"I say around December (1997) was the first time we seen the larva," said Rouson. "And every year in November after that there was larva right here, and after we searched the house and couldn't find nothing that would make the larva come here, I thought, 'somebody died in this house.'"

Rouson says she braves many nights with the spirits.

"I could be in the bed and the cover will come off my legs," said Rouson. "If I sleep with my legs up under the cover, their tickling my feet. They're running their fingers down my leg."

And Rouson says the ghosts like to play with her grandchildrens' toys while no one is in the same room as the toys. She says her five-year-old granddaughter Brittany who lives with her has been seeing the ghosts since she was three.

"Whenever she comes up in here in this bathroom, she tells me she sees the scary man."

If all of this sounds bogus, Rouson has a Polaroid picture taken by her daughter that may hold the evidence. In the picture, there is a dark face in the foreground which is Rouson's grandson. Behind him is the faint outline of a coffee table. Above the television, which is behind her grandson's head, are four green illuminated faces. Rouson says the television was off and the flash on the camera, for some reason. didn't work.

"Didn't think about it until today that look where the ghosts appeared at, right over here, and I said, ...'think about where we see the larva, right over there,'" said Rouson. The ghosts appeared about two steps from the larva spot.

The whole experience made WLBT cameraman Carlos Spann a little terrified, but he made it through this shoot without any harm. Rouson says her paranormal roommates don't harm her either.

"People say I should move, but it doesn't bother me,." said Rouson.

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