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Madison supes hold off on redistricting decision

By Bert Case - bio | email

MADISON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Supervisors in Madison County have postponed making a decision about redrawing district lines.

There are three plans for redrawing lines to reflect changes in population over the past ten years. 

The board room was packed with people who wanted to tell the supervisors what they think of the three different proposals for drawing lines.

The board members listened carefully to what voters said, but decided to put off a decision on a new redistricting plan until next Wednesday.  

D.I. Smith, who could be forced to run against Billy Redd in one of the proposals, believes the other supervisors are trying to draw new lines that would make him lose his position on the board. 

Smith said the whole argument over new lines is designed to make sure district 4 incumbent Karl Banks is re-elected.  Banks says that is not true. 

Andy Taggart, an attorney representing the City of Madison, objects to the redistricting plans.  

If the board cannot agree on a redistricting plan, district lines will be drawn by a court. 

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