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Brandon 01/02/04

Police Bust Meth Lab

By J.P. Hervis

Brandon police busted a large meth lab in a quiet neighborhood Friday afternoon. Police couldn't make this big bust if it wasn't for a tip from the smallest of sources.

"We got a full-scale meth lab in operation," said Brandon Police Chief Byron McDaniel.

That’s a statement Brandon Police Chief Byron McDaniel never thought he'd make in this quiet Brandon neighborhood.

"I've been here since 84; this is the only time we've had a problem like this in this part of town," McDaniel said.

The operation was tucked away in a home on 112 High Street . 30-year-old Mark Waycaster and his wife, 36-year-old Terrie, were arrested and face several charges.

"He downloaded the recipe to make crystal meth off the Internet," said McDaniel.

The lab, which spread throughout the house, was run from the basement.

"He had a sophisticated system."

Part of the operation included a police radio scanner and a security camera.

"He doesn't have any other cameras but in the front of his house so he could see the police coming," McDaniel said.

Most of the cooked meth was found in a room filled with racist paraphernalia, and pornography was discovered by Tarken, a drug sniffing dog on his first day of work. The size and method of operation isn't the only thing troubling police. The Waycasters had four children between the ages of four months and 10 years living in a home full of chemicals and drugs.

"We had to call an ambulance out here for the infant because he had difficulty breathing," stated McDaniel.

The Waycasters will likely face child neglect and endangerment charges. Police admit this major search and arrest wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for 11-year-old Penny Cumberland, 14-year-old Brad Pressly, and another 11-year-old friend. The trio discovered a clue in the backyard of the suspects’ home, where they've always come to play.

"This is the first time we've ever seen a box down here because we've been down here many times."

The children showed what they'd found to a local deputy, who then called police. Thanks to their discovery, and quick action by police, two suspected meth dealers are in jail.

"We are going to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law," stated McDaniel.

WLBT has learned the Waycasters have charges pending in Jackson for possession of the ingredients used to make methanphetmine. They are being held in Rankin County jail without bond. The four children in the home are in DHS custody.

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