Domestic Terrorism Remains A Threat - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 5/27/04

Domestic Terrorism Remains A Threat

By: J.P. Hervis

He had an arsenal of deadly weapons at his disposal and the capability to kill hundreds.

It's frightening enough to wonder "what-if" police had not arrested him in Texas. What's even scarier is that Jackson, Mississippi, was a part of his plan.

It's a case reminding us terrorist threats don't have to come from overseas.  They could be closer than you think.

Authorities say William Krarr was a threat to national security.

In April 2003 the FBI discovered 500,000 rounds of ammunition, hundreds of guns, bombs, and white supremicist propoganda in his East Texas storage garage.

Brit Featherstone, Assistant U.S Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, says Krarr was a real threat. "This was a huge and absolute arsenal of military style weapons".

Also found, 800 grams of pure sodium cynaide, along with other chemicals. Experts say enough chemicals, if mixed properly, to kill everyone in a 30 thousand square foot building in 1 minute.

Krar remains tight lipped about his intentions.  "We have yet to figure out the actual destination of any of the bombs or any of the devices.  I don't think you possess the weapons for defensive reasons," says Featherston.

This month 63 year old Krar pleaded guilty to possesion of chemical weapons.  He'll spend 11 years in federal prison.

Krar's attorney, Tonda Curry, would not return WLBT's phone calls.  She did speak in December to our sister station KLTV in Tyler Texas.  She told them, "I don't believe the government has any direct evidence that says there was a plot or a plan to perform terrorism towards the United States."

In early 2003, Krar was arrested in Tennessee.

Police discovered several documents, one page was titled "Procedure."

Nine cities, including Jackson, Mississippi, were on this list.  Meeting places in each city included Walmart parking lots, Motel Six, hospitals, and state parks.

The documents had instructions on coded communication.

They also included tips like use prepaid phone cards because quote, "every move on a cell is traced."

In a 2003 court document, FBI agents said they believe Krar's arsenal was likely part of a sceme for future unrest and violent disorder against the United States government.

FBI sources are quoted in the document saying Krar was active in the militia movement and disliked the US governemnt, a charactar description similar to Timonthy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the men found guilty of the April 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 161 people.

WLBT has learned the FBI, along with the local Terrorism Task Force, investigated and concluded that Krar likely never conducted business in Jackson and never had intentions on attacking the area.

But the case still brings attention to Domestic Terrorism.  It's a topic generally out of the public I since before the 911 attacks.

Ed Worthington,  Mississippi's Homeland Security Director and former head of the FBI, says domestic terrorism has always remained on the FBI's radar..

"(The FBI) is equally concerned about domestic terrorism as international terrorism,"  he says.

Worthington says the Terrorism Task Force monitors domestic terrorist threats. "I don't think it's nonexisted I think there is a threat out there, I don't think it is as high as the international threat," says Worthington.

It's unclear if there are any current threats in this state.

Worthington says there are agents specifically assigned to domestic terrorism issues, but Mississippians must help as well.

"We have to remain vigilant, pay attention to what's going on behind us."

Authorities warn you never know where another William Krar may be.

The FBI caught William Krar after he mauiled fake Defense Intellligence Agency ID cards, fake United Nations ID cards, and other illegal documents to someone in New Jersey believed to be part of a state militia.

The package was delivered to a house in Staten Island, New York instead.

The person who recieved it called authorities.

Authorities say Jackson was on his meeting place list simply due to geography.

Jackson is on the way back to Texas from the Northeast where he was believed to have most of his contacts.

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