Black Republicans: Dean Should Resign - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 02/28/05

Black Republicans: Dean Should Resign

African American Republicans in the state are calling for the resignation of Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean for comments they say are racially insensitive. 

Mississippi Republican Executive Committee member Charles Evers said Dean should apologize and step down.

He told reporters Monday that in a February 11th speech to the D.N.C. Black Caucus, Dean said,  "You think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room?"

Then Dean added "Only if they had hotel staff in here."

The Vermont Governor's remarks were published in The Washington Post February 15th.

Evers stood among eight black Republican party members, making his comments at the Capitol Rotunda.

He said The former Democratic presidential candidate owes an apology to not only blacks but to America as well.

Charles evers said, "Ask the Democratic party do the same thing to Dean that Republicans and other Democrats did to Senator Lott. Ask him to step down, because he's the wrong man for the position."

Mike Biggs, the president of the Jackson State University College Democrats looked on as Evers made his comments.

Biggs is a senior and said he did not understand why Evers and Republicans did not call a press conference to discuss taking prescription drugs out of Medicaid, short changing teacher pay raises and taking money from public schools.

When asked his reaction to the Black Republican stance on Dean Biggs said, "When the governor took a picture with the Council for Conservative Citizens, I didn't see Mr. Evers out asking the governor to, who refused by the way, to take the picture off the site, to get rid of him."

Dean is scheduled to in Jackson Tuesday.

He will give the key note address at an Appreciation Dinner for the state's first Democratic elected officials.

State Democratic Party Executive Vice Chairman Claude McInnis said the Republican party is worried Dean is going run a 50 state campaign and will do anything to belittle him.

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