Mayor Closes Adult Video Store - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 07/28/05

Mayor Closes Adult Video Store

By David Kenney

After years of legal battles with Jackson city leaders, the doors to a well-known adult bookstore have finally been closed.

Jackson Novelty Video and Movies on Terry Road was closed Thursday afternoon when city leaders and police investigators found people in the store having sex, and in possession of illegal sex toys. 

Jackson Mayor Frank Melton was also present. "I came in with two detectives, and there were two men in a sex act," said Melton.

Melton took a WLBT news crew into the rear of the store, where there were no lights -- only small stalls with monitors showing adult videos. That's where the arrests were made.

Melton says the surprises didn't stop there. Another room at the rear of the store had walls and shelves filled with sex toys, which are illegal in Mississippi. "It's against city ordinance to have these type of mechanisms out on public display like this," he said. 

Melton says he is now shutting down the establishment.

The store's cashier, Deborah Washington, was led from the bookstore in handcuffs. She was arrested for violating state statutes regarding sex toys.

Melton also helped haul out two boxes full of the plastic toys, taken by police as evidence.

Another store employee was allowed to lock the doors, which city leaders say will eliminate a popular venue for illegal sexual activity in the middle of a Jackson neighborhood.

The owner of the store, who reportedly lives in New Orleans, was not present.

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