Tree Farm Records Record Sales - - Jackson, MS

Florence 11/26/05

Tree Farm Records Record Sales

By Andrew Hasbun

Time to take down those Thanksgiving decorations and start getting ready for Christmas. One of the first steps is finding that perfect Christmas tree.

One local tree farm survived Hurricane Katrina and has already seen record crowds.  On Thanksgiving, opening day at the farm, about 75 were sold.

Every year the Castle's of Brandon hop on the trailer at Santa's Choice Christmas Trees in Florence.

"We're looking for a large tree that will fill up our doorway and will go all the way up to the roof or ceiling," said Mr. Castle.

The family rode through the farm until they reached a patch of trees about nine feet tall. After examining about a dozen trees, they settle.

"This is the winner," said Castle, Holding his freshly cut tree. "It is okay. It is not too big, not too small, not to fat. It has a little bare spot, but we will put that in the hiding spot."

With a tree on their car, the Christmas season began for the Castles.

But the Moseley's prepare for December all year. The family started Santa's Choice back in 1982 and have sold out every year.

"Seldom do we go past December 12. We are usually out by then," said Ben Moseley.

The rain thinned the crowd Saturday, but Thanksgiving was a record breaker. This year they expect to sell about 2,000 trees.

Don't be surprised to see a few crooked ones this year. Hurricane Katrina did some major damage, but the family worked fast to save the farm.

"When the ground got wet and with the wind, they just all laid over," said Moseley. "So we pulled them back up by hand and drove a 48 inch sticks by them. Then you had to tie them up by hand."

It took about three weeks and 4,500 new sticks to fix the trees. Only about 200 out of 10,000 didn't make it.

Next weekend is the biggest weekend for Christmas tree sales.

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