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Jackson 04/18/06

Mileage Saving Tips

By David Kenney

More hikes in the costs of crude oil are sending the price at the pump, skyrocketing. Most Americans now list the cost of gas among their top financial concerns.

When filling up with prices peaking near the $3 mark, most drivers want the best fuel economy for the buck. That doesn't always mean picking up the nozzle with the highest octane, but it can help if your cars older and not performing well.

Prentiss Fults shapes the minds of future mechanics at Hinds Community College. He says unless you're having problems, don't venture from your cars recommended octane.

Fults says, "If you got a vehicle and it recommends premium unleaded, that's the best type of fuel for that vehicle for fuel economy and mileage. If you have one that's recommended for 87 octane, that's the best for your fuel economy."

Nascars been using it for thirty years, so why can't you? The newest craze in keeping tires pressurized, nitrogen.

Mike Upton, owner of Upton Tires says, "Benefits are you don't lose as much air pressure; you lose 40% less air pressure than with compressed air. They say you can save about six percent on gas mileage which today is pretty good."

Upton Tires one of the first in the area to offer nitrogen tire fill ups, also said to improve the life of a tire by up to thirty percent.

To keep your car running smoothly, don't stop there.

Prentiss Fultz says, "Basic maintenance air filters, fuel filters make sure you got a good tune up."

If you're interested in getting nitrogen in your tires, the cost is twenty dollars to fill four new tires. It costs twenty eight dollars, to fill a set of used tires.

If you need more convicting this new trend saves money, you might ask someone riding around with little green caps on their tires.

There's a good chance their car is sitting on nitrogen.

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