Attorney General Weighs in on Mayor Melton - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 05/03/06

Attorney General Weighs in on Mayor Melton

Mayor Frank Melton Mayor Frank Melton
Hinds Co. District Attorney Faye Peterson Hinds Co. District Attorney Faye Peterson
Attorney General Jim Hood Attorney General Jim Hood

Mississippi's Attorney General responds to Jackson Mayor Frank Melton's plan to use his office to prosecute criminal cases.

It's the latest in the ongoing rift between Melton and Hinds County District Attorney Faye Peterson. Melton has said that Peterson is incompentent, and that he planned to use outside prosecutors to handle high-profile municipal cases.

Wednesday evening Attorney General Jim Good says his office will not be prosecuting Jackson criminal cases. Hood says Melton never talked to him about prosecuting cases in his office. The Attorney General also says he is reviewing complaints Melton and Peterson have made against each other. He also hopes to sit down with both in the coming weeks, to help them work out their differences.

"We have concurrent jurisdiction but we don't have the horses so to speak to handle that caseload and ours also as a practical matter you have to work with your district attorney's office," says Hood.

Earlier this week District Attorney Faye Peterson requested Jim Hood conduct an investigation into Frank Melton's crime fighting sweeps. Hood says he is reviewing material provided by her, and other complaints from other citizens who claim their rights were violated by the mayor.

Wednesday the A.C.L.U. announced they were also looking into allegations Melton violated civil rights, through warrantless searches of homes, vehicles and people.

Melton flatly denies that he has ever gone into anyone's home without their permission or a warrant.

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