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Mississippi's Biggest Losers

Stephanie Bell Flynt

The NBC reality show, The Biggest Loser, is not only peaking the interest of couch potatoes. It's also inspiring some Mississippians to get out of the house, and into the gym. It takes on its own reality series at the Lakeland Courthouse in Jackson, four ealry mornings a week.

For the next few weeks, we'll follow Farrell, an attorney, Wadley, a painter, and Bruce, who's self employed. "It smells like fire in here. You think some of the machines are on fire? I don't think it's my treadmill but I can smell it," Bruce said with a smile. 

Ultimately their success falls on their shoulders. But their drive comes from Next Level Sports owner, Paul Lacoste, aka, Victor. "His alter ego, Victor isn't a little pushy? No. Well, maybe a little bit. But it's got to be to keep us going," Ferrell said of his trainer. "Paul's not mean? No, he's not mean. Victor loves us," Wadley said with an infectious chuckle.

"You have to push them extremely hard. And there's only one way to do that, and it's with intensity. I tell people I train, we're going to do it one way. We're going to do it full speed. I'm not going to take anybody loafing, trying to do something half way. And everybody understands that from the beginning. And at the end of the intensity I let them all know, hey Victor loves you. Victor loves you," Paul said of his training style. 

Those are terms Wadley has no problem with. "It's nice having someone to push you and it makes you want to work hard knowing that he's here waiting on us every morning. I live out in Raymond and I drive here. So I'm up at four fifteen, and I'm not really a morning person so this is really something different for me but I'm enjoying it. I'm glad I got in the program," Wadley said. "It's going good and I'm glad I took part in it. I'm looking forward to it. My husband's enjoying it. Wadley, it's funny to me that you say you're husband's enjoying it and he's not here. No, he's enjoying the benefits. You know, we do the work, they get the benefits," Wadley said.

"I was the biggest loser last week. I won my little prize," Wadley said. Wadley's prize is the result of hard work accomplished by the end of every workout session.  "Victor loves you. Break it down. On three. One. Two. Three. Next Level. Slap hands. Let's don't forget about slapping hands," Paul said. 

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