Lanier Students Take On "Quantum Opportunities" - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 12/14/06

Lanier Students Take On "Quantum Opportunities"

By: Cheryl Lasseter

A great program has emerged for Lanier High School students who want to do a little better in school. After school each day, about 25 students head to the Jackson Medical Mall for some extra computer-based learning. Tenth-grader Author Bryant loves it. "Big help. I don't have a computer at the house, so I can get help on computer with that," he says.

The program is called Quantum Opportunities.  Assistant Coordinator Myron Evans makes individualized lesson plans for each student in Math, Language Arts, or any subject. The students do the lessons and take tests, but their test scores are not reflected in their grade point average at school.

The program was founded by the Eisenhower Foundation in Washington D.C. Pam Sherbia is with the Foundation.  She came to Jackson on Thursday to give the students some tips on writing. She says Quantum Opportunities allows the teens to keep up with schoolwork at their own pace. "If they're having trouble with classes, they have the opportunity of improving those classes here.  It's my understanding that most of the students who were having trouble have gotten to the point where they're achieving A's and B's," she says.

Alesia Thompson has been in the program for two years, and her grades have gone up. "I was just making D's and C's, but now I've moved to C's and B's, and I don't have D's anymore," she says.  "I'm not good at math, but Mr. Evans, he takes the time to help explain more than some of the teachers."

There are six Quantum programs nationwide, and Lanier's program is considered one of the most successful.  It's funded through public and private sources.

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