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Jackson 01/29/07

Judge Denies Bond for Seale

Reputed south Mississippi Klansman James Seale was denied bond Monday by a federal magistrate in Jackson. It's one of the last remaining unsolved Civil Rights era murder cases in the South.

A prosecutor with the Civil Rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington handled the hearing for the government . She argued Seale has a violent history and called the murders of Henry Dee and Eddie Moore "horrific."

42 years ago, the black teenagers were kidnapped in Meadville, taken to the Homochitto National Forest and whipped. Then, prosecutors say, the 19 year olds were weighed down and thrown alive in the Mississippi River.

Seale's public defenders were hoping to keep him out of jail and back home in Roxie until his April trial. He faces three counts of kidnapping and conspiracy. The government said Seale faces life in prison and has every reason to run.

Defense attorneys told the judge that Seale has cancer and can barely get out of his own bed. They denied he was affiliated with the Klan and said the frail 71 year old man has a clean record. 

U.S. Magistrate Linda Anderson talked with federal marshals to ensure the reputed Klansman would get medical attention in jail. She then denied bond. Defense attorneys have filed a motion to get the case dismissed.

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