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Madison 03/16/07

Powder Scare at Post Office

The Madison post office was evacuated Friday morning after white powder spilled out of postal package.

An employee at the post office, in the center of Madison on Highway 51 felt faint after seeing the powder. The employee, who was not identified was treated and released from a local hospital.

It all started about 6:00 a.m. The building was cleared and personnel from the FBI, the Postal Inspectors Office, and the national guard responded to determine what the powder was and whether it was of any danger. Just as a precaution the national guard team was called in to try to determine exactly what kind of substance was involved. They now have that capability in the field. About three hours later the fbi and postal inspectors came out and told us there was nothing to fear.

"This is a non hazardous situation," said Bobby Gechyian, of the US Postal Service. "There was not a threat posed to employees or members of the public. And no mail exposed to anything hazardous. The employee that was taken to the hospital has already been released.

FBI spokesman, Jason Pack, says, "The person the package was addressed to here in Mississippi was expecting it, a resin powder, and that helped determine the exact identity of the powder."

The postal employee experienced a minor respiratory reaction, and a little burning after the incident but was released from university medical center.

Any white powder in the postal system raises alarms because of anthrax found in white powder, in the aftermath of the 911 attacks, resulted in some injuries and death.

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