Candidates Turn to Internet Campaigning - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 07/26/07

Candidates Turn to Internet Campaigning

Nowadays, candidates running for office are using some pretty trendy campaigning tactics. Not only can you find profiles of your friends on websites like Myspace and YouTube, you can also watch video of those running in the upcoming primary election.

In the race for Mississippi Governor, Haley Barbour and John Arthur Eaves are both featured on YouTube. Kenneth Grigsby, president of the Young Democrats says candidates are trying to target a specific audience.

 "YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, those have become important because the youth vote is so important," Grigsby said. Students from Jackson State University say, it's working.

"The internet is a powerful tool that us young folks use to look at different things on the internet so it's a positive thing," said Justin Lewis, JSU sophomore.

"Some people don't watch TV but they get on the internet. Some people don't know who the candidates are so it's a way to get face to face with them that way you can decide who you want to vote for," said Corey Beard, JSU senior.

While posting video online is a lot cheaper than buying TV ad space, Dan Modisett, general manager for WLBT, says the best way to learn about the candidates is by combining the two.

 "Television is still the most effective way to reach people because it's the closest way to be able to know the candidate. But being able to reference that and send them to a website where they can get into their policy and statements and qualifications it's a great combination to use both," Modisett said.

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