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Free Breast Self - Examination Kits

St. Dominic Hospital to Provide Free Breast Self-Examination Kits

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, St. Dominic Hospital is providing free breast self-examination kits from October 15th - 31st and encouraging women to get regular breast-cancer screenings.

"It's important for women to perform a breast self-examination once a month for early breast cancer detection," says  Rebehah Moulder, M.D., a physician at Family Practice Associates in Madison.  According to Dr. Moulder, many women do not perform breast self-examinations because they fear performing the exam incorrectly.  She encourages women to learn breast self-examination techniques by talking with their physician, especially during their yearly clinical breast examination.

The kits are designed to make it easier to conduct monthly breast self exams.  The kit includes a pad, which makes breast self-exam easy and convenient, written instructions and an instructional DVD.  It is designed to arm women with the facts, therefore remove fear and give women the confidence to check themselves correctly.  Breast self-exam is not a replacement for regular medical visits and mammogram's.  All three steps are important to finding breast cancer early.

Jackson-area residents interested in receiving a free breast self-examination kit are invited to stop by one of the following offices of St. Dominic's Family Practice Associates, Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM.

Highland Medical Arts Building
106 Highland Way, Suite 103
Madison, Mississippi
1050 River Oaks Drive
Flowood, Mississippi
498 Highway 80 East
Clinton, Mississippi

Dr. Moulder encourages women to begin breast-examinations in their 20's, adding that women should also schedule an annual clinical breast examination by their physician.  She recommends that women with a high risk of breast cancer talk to their doctor about how often to have a mammogram and that women over the age of 40 with a low risk of breast cancer schedule an annual mammography.

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