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Louisville 11/27/07

Look Around Mississippi: Thousands of Christmas Lights

Peggy Baker Peggy Baker

By Walt Grayson

Folks at Louisville have been traveling out east of town to Bakers Acres for years to see this lighting tradition.

Peggy Baker says, "I love Christmas. And I love pretty Christmas decorations. I did it on a small scale when I was at my other house, and when I moved down here, my son Billy Don and Cindy joined me on the highway. And every year we keep growing."

Peggy Baker is talking about the thousands and thousands and thousands of lights and scenes they string up all over her house and her son's house and along the driveway between the two on Highway 15 a couple of miles east of Louisville.

Myrtis Fair alerted me to it. She said, "I just keep coming out and said somebody needs to see this. Walt needs to see this. It's prettier than anything I've seen on your TV."

It is pretty. And as the sun sinks lower, more and more of the lights emerge in an ever growing and glowing panorama. Lights all over everything in the yard and all over the houses and shrubs.

The Bakers start the first of October every year stringing up the display. And then Thanksgiving night the switch is thrown and the lights come on every evening from about dark until 10pm, till New Years. It's a chore. One that temptation says to stop doing. But tradition says otherwise.

Peggy Baker: "They call. They want to make the kids' pictures here. Nursing homes want to bring their people here. It's hard to say 'stop' when you see the expressions on the kids' faces and these people."

And Billy Don and his wife Cindy fall in, too. The work is worth it.

Cindy Baker says, "What I like about it is when the kids come up my driveway and they are oo-ing and ah-ing. That's what makes it for me."

Myrtis confides, "I feel like a child again. I'll be 85 Christmas. This makes me feel good."

To be a child at Christmas is what everybody would wish for themselves if they could. But since time doesn't reverse, to FEEL like a child, if only for a few minutes, is worth a drive to Bakers Acres at Louisville.

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