Barbour's Attorney Appeals Special-Elex Ruling - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 01/16/08

Barbour's Attorney Appeals Special-Elex Ruling

Governor Haley Barbour's attorneys have filed an appeal to the state Supreme Court regarding Judge Bobby Delaughter's ruling earlier this week.

Attorney General Jim Hood argued that the special election to replace Senator Trent Lott should take place within 100 days of Lott's official resignation. The governor already set the special election for November.

In a 31 page opinion, Judge Delaughter agreed with Hood. Now Barbour's attorneys have appealed that decision in Hinds County Circuit Court. Barbour appointed Roger Wicker to replace Lott. Wicker will face off with former Governor Ronnie Musgrove and former U.S. Representative Ronnie Shows when an election takes place.

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