Governor Tours Flooded Areas - - Jackson, MS

Warren County 04/21/08

Governor Tours Flooded Areas

Governor Haley Barbour flew over the flooded areas of the state caused by the rise in the Mississippi River on Monday. 

Barbour said he would do everything in his power to try to get the area declared a disaster area by the Federal Emergency Managment Agency. FEMA had teams on the ground looking at how bad the damage was while the governor was in the air. 

Barbour said something must be done for people like the more than 100 in the Ford Subdivision area of Warren County who have been driven from their homes by water. 

"We can't force them to leave," he said. "We shouldn't force them to leave, but we should make it possible; and working with the federal government, hopefully, we will be able to give people some choices." 

The river is a 50.9 feet at Vicksburg, where flood stage is 43 feet. The previous major flood in 1973 took the river to 51.6 feet at Vicksburg.

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