Scooter Sales Up Dramatically - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 04/25/08

Scooter Sales Up Dramatically

A Jackson motor scooter dealer says his sales are up over 240% for this year over last year, as people try to beat the high cost of gasoline. 

Jerry Farris of Capitol Sports Center says people really like getting 100 miles per gallon on a scooter that will run 65 miles per hour. 

Leland Speed at North Jackson Honda says his sales are up too, but not double. 

His Honda scooters can be driven on the interstate highways and will run over 70 miles per hour, but the ones that will go anywhere get about 60 miles per gallon and sell for just over $5,000. 

The smaller scooters can sell for as little as $2,400. 

Mark Wade, a WLBT engineer rides a scooter to work in Jackson every day from Brandon, 13 miles away. 

He says he spends just over $9 a week on gasoline at today's prices.

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