Council Member Hopes to Cut Down Murder Rates - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 08/10/08

Council Member Hopes to Cut Down Murder Rates

Jackson police say there have been an unusually high number of murders in the capital city this year. And a city council member believes he can help solve the problem.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes said he wants to get guns off the streets. He claimed too many people buy guns from pawn shops. He's hoping to ban those stores from selling firearms. Stokes said he may bring up the idea in the next council meeting as an emergency item.

He said he has yet to look up the law that allows pawn shops to sell guns.

Stokes also wants to encourage people to turn in their guns for cash. He hopes Crime Stoppers will increase the amount they'll pay people to turn in a gun.

When asked about a person's right to own a firearm, Stokes had this to say.

"These same people. They're talking about having the right to a gun, if their children were dying, then they'd change their attitude.  What we have to do is make the city safer. After we do that, then everybody can have a gun."

Stokes will address those issues at a crime summit to be held at city hall Wednesday at 6:30 PM. The general public is invited.

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