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Jackson 08/15/08

Three On Your Side: IHOP Robbery Shocking Events Unfold

By Marsha Thompson

Three suspects charged in a local IHOP robbery are out on bond.

Meanwhile a stunning turn of events surrounds the investigation.

Wednesday an IHOP waitress told WLBT news she was the victim of a frightening armed robbery inside the family restaurant. But it appears to be an "inside" job.

The suspects are back on the streets one day after mayhem broke out in south Jackson. SWAT teams surround the Comfort Inn on Greenway Drive Wednesday shortly after lunch. A man who is suspected of robbing the IHOP is holed up there. A hostage negotiator convinces Devin Shanard Jones to surrender peacefully.

Back at the IHOP the alleged robbery victim, a young waitress, details her a terrifying encounter with armed robbers.

It must have been a very frightening situation.

"Yeah I was nervous because this is the first time something like this ever happened to me," replied Nakia Butler, IHOP waitress.

Strangely enough, the waitress refuses to show her face on camera during our interview.

Butler added, "Due to the surveillance that we got here, I'm thankful for that. At least I know I'm protected some kind of way."

Her story, her tears, her fears all fabricated to cover up her involvement in the crime.

Police say Nakia Butler was in on it from the beginning and her dramatic acting performance tipped off detectives along with information witnessed on surveillance video.

Rudeco Roberts, IHOP Manager said, "It's very surprising information, very disappointing"

IHOP's manager tells us he was shocked to hear the news Friday morning, his own employee was involved in the heist.

"I went wow this is really ridiculous. She masterminded the whole thing is what they are saying, they've been casing the store for a while. A lot of things make sense right now," added Roberts.

The shock is sinking in, he manager is thankful no was harmed during the broad daylight armed robbery. While some law enforcement sources tell us they are shocked the trio is back on the street so quickly.

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