Group Supports Parents' Choice Not to Vaccinate - - Jackson, MS

Flowood 08/18/08

Group Supports Parents' Choice Not to Vaccinate

By Roslyn Anderson

A growing number of new parents is opting not to vaccinate their children fearing birth defects and long term illnesses.

One local group advocating choice is building momentum in an effort to change state mandates.

The Jackson chapter of the Mississippi Vaccination Information Center gathered for their monthly meeting at the Flowood Library to learn more about changing the state's laws regarding children's immunization against diseases.

The group was formed about six months ago.

Organizers say they are not anti-vaccination, but instead want parents to have a choice.

Jamie Roth is a mother of two who decided not to vaccinate her children.

She said, "The risks outweigh the benefits, and I'm not willing to go there.  I understand that my child might get sick from one of these illnesses, but I'm willing to risk that as opposed to willing to risk what might happen if I vaccinate them."

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock made a presentation on Vaccines and the Brain.

Nearly 60 people attended the meeting.

Many are concerned that vaccines are linked to autism, other illnesses and even death.

Several parents in attendance are in the health and medical fields.

Chiropractor Dr. Debra Barnes organized the Jackson chapter.

"When I came to Mississippi we did not know about the mandatory vaccination law and now currently are home schooling our children because of that ruling, because we don't want to have the chance of a reaction like a lot of other children have," said Barnes.

Parents say they do not want government agencies making their medical decisions.

The group is working to petition the state legislature to change the laws mandating vaccinations.

They also are pushing for philosophical and religious waivers.

There are also MVIC chapters in Starkville and Hattiesburg.

The Jackson group meets the third Monday of each month at the Flowood Library.  

To learn more about the Mississippi Vaccination Information Center log onto

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