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Jackson 08/19/08

Teenager Fires Gun at School Bus Stop


By Roslyn Anderson

Tuesday afternoon Randy Henderson stood outside his house on Cedars of Lebanon Drive in north Jackson waiting for his daughter to get off the school bus.  

"This is just ridiculous, totally ridiculous for a 15 year old child to be pulling a gun on somebody," he said as he waited. 

Around 8:00 that morning, Henderson's daughter returned home, two doors down from the bus stop, to tell him that a 15-year-old boy she'd just argued with had fired a shot into the air.

At the intersection of Cedars of Lebanon and Mimosa Drive, his 16-year-old daughter said she and the boy were ordered off the bus for fighting. She told her father that minutes later, the boy pulled a gun that he had hidden in bushes near the bus stop. She says he then threatened her and another female student.

"Then he come up here with the gun," Henderson said, "so I told him to get up out of my yard, and he went up the street. His mama took him to school, but the police went up there and got the gun."

Jackson police arrested the youngster at Murrah High School. Investigators said the boy's mother took the pistol from him and gave it to officers.

"He simply fired a weapon into the air," said police spokesman Jeffery Scott. "None of the students were hurt, and it's safe to send your kids to school. I think that's the most important thing."

Police said the gun was never on the bus or at the school.

According to investigators the bus driver and Jackson Public School officials did an excellent job keeping the students out of harms way.

Tuesday afternoon JPS Security was posted at the bus stop. The school district's transportation director says security will remain at the stop for the next day or so as a precaution.

The boy is charged with possession of a firearm by a juvenile, discharging a firearm in the city limits and simple assault.

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