Postal worker sent home for wearing Obama T-shirt - - Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS 11/08/08

Postal worker sent home for wearing Obama T-shirt

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A U.S. Postal worker says he was sent home Saturday after refusing to take off a Barack Obama T-shirt.

Fifty-year old Roger Thompson works at the main post office in downtown Jackson. Thompson said workers were told Friday that they could not wear President-Elect Obama T-shirts, hats or other paraphernalia.

He says the post office plant manager told employees they would receive disciplinary action if they wore Obama attire because some workers complained that it upset them. He feels his rights are being violated.

"I figure it's my right as an American, and I have free speech to do and say anything that's not against the United States government. So this is what I'm saying now that I am an American, and I voted for Barack Obama," said Thompson.

Thompson said employees were told the Obama ban would be put in writing Monday. We were told by a postal supervisor today that the plant manager would not be available for comment until Monday.

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