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  • The Doppler Effect

    The Doppler Effect

    THE DOPPLER EFFECT MATERIALS: battery operated razor cassette recorder with an attached microphone PROCESS: Record the sound of the razor. Play back the recording and make sure it sounds exactlyMore >>
  • Make Your Own Barometer

    Make Your Own Barometer

    MAKE YOUR OWN BAROMETER II MATERIALS: glass mayonnaise or canning jar balloon straw toothpick glue index card PROCESS: Stretch a piece of balloon over the glass jar. Glue a straw sidewaysMore >>
  • InDoor Rainbow

    InDoor Rainbow

    INDOOR RAINBOW MATERIALS: glass jar or a large drinking glass small mirror flashlight dark room with white walls PROCESS: Fill the jar or glass with water. Place the mirror inside the waterMore >>
  • Make Your Hair Stand Up

    Make Your Hair Stand Up

    MAKE YOUR HAIR STAND UP MATERIALS: balloon PROCESS: Blow up the balloon and tie it. Rub it against your hair on top of your head. Watch what happens! Your hair will stick up! *This also happensMore >>
  • Bend Water

    Bend Water

    BEND WATER MATERIALS: comb a piece of wool, nylon or fur PROCESS: Rub a comb quickly against the piece of wool, nylon or fur for about a minute Hold the comb near a trickle of water from a faucet. TheMore >>
  • Make Lightning In Your Mouth

    Make Lightning In Your Mouth

    MAKE LIGHTNING IN YOUR MOUTH MATERIALS: Wint-O-Green or Pep-O-Mint lifesavers dark room mirror PROCESS: Go to a really dark room and stand in front of the mirror. Wait a few minutes until yourMore >>
  • Make It Rain

    Make It Rain

    MAKE IT RAIN MATERIALS: glass mayonnaise or canning jar plate hot water ice cubes index cards PROCESS: Pour about two inches of very hot water into the glass jar. Cover the jar with the plateMore >>
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