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What is Pharmacy Compounding?
Millions of Americans have unique health care needs that off-the-shelf prescription medications cannot meet. For them, personalized medication solutions mixed safely by trained, licensed pharmacists are the only option to achieve the desired health care outcome.

Who Needs Customized Medication Solutions?
• Patients who need customized dosing due to age-related issues (pediatric or geriatric)
• Patients who have:
    > Multiple health care issues that impact a drug's absorption or elimination
    > Allergic reactions to inert ingredients such as binders or dyes in commercially available products
    > Difficulty absorbing the medication via the traditional delivery process of a commercially available product, i.e. can't swallow or are sensitive to topically applied products
• Hospitalized patients who need lifesaving intravenous medications
• Veterinary patients that range in size from a parakeet to an elephant and everything in between are just a few of the patients who are dependent upon personalized medication solutions.

Who Are These Patients?

Special Care Pharmacy is a  full service Independent Pharmacy and State of the Art Compounding Center with two locations to serve you.

[4079 Pemberton Blvd., Vicksburg, MS 39180]  
[1716 Hwy. 51 N., Suite M Madison, MS 39110]

For your convenience we offer a full service drive-thru and delivery. Come let us take care of all your special needs.

Our main objective is customer service. IF YOU NEED IT, WE CAN MAKE IT WITH SPECIAL CARE!

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