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Eden teaches us that decisions belong with our elders, or as close to our elders as possible, and at its core is the decision to see aging not as a decline, but as a continuous staging of growth and development.

Adopting the Eden Alternative philosophy is extremely encouraging, yet the old building, while functioning adequately, serves as a barrier to future growth. To realize the full potential of the model the actual living environment must change. Research has proven that quality of life is enhanced exponentially for elders living in residentially designed homes that are part of a larger neighborhood community (places where elders can live and receive skilled nursing care while maintaining a sense of community and home). Well-planned, small living spaces that encourage socializing, provide private rooms, and offer the comforts of home increase elder, family member and staff satisfaction.


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Bullying can happen anywhere, but depending on the environment, some groups may be at an increased risk. Learn what factors increase the risk of children being bullied or children more likely to bully others and what warning signs can indicate that bullying may be happening. You can also find out how bullying can negatively impact kids.

Approximately 300,000 deaths each year in the United States may be attributable to obesity.

Overweight and obesity are associated with heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, breathing problems, and psychological disorders, such as depression.

Regular physical activity is extremely helpful for the prevention of overweight and obesity.

You don't need special skills or training to be physically active. Walking is a great way to be active

To maintain your weight, your intake of calories must equal your energy output.

It may take time to incorporate more activity into your daily life. Don't get discouraged if at first you miss a day or two; just keep trying and do your best to make it a regular part of your life. You will soon realize how good it feels to be physically active and fit.

Ask for support from friends and family; likewise, support the people in your life who are trying to be physically active.

Many forms of physical activity can be social, allowing you to converse and spend time with family or friends or to develop new relationships.

What makes this country unique is that you truly do have a say in what happens in the Capitol. Not only in Washington DC, but in your neck of the woods, as well. The more you know about Voting, the better. Click here to learn more.

People differ in many ways along a variety of dimensions, including race, ethnicity, religion, gender, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, age, education, socioeconomic status, language, and political beliefs. The more you know about Diversity, the better. Click here to learn more.

Nothing speaks to a child's future like a quality education. Education is often the road out of poverty regardless of a person's race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background. The more you know about the importance of Education, the better. Click here to learn more.

Going green is about improving quality of life through green living. Start by adopting one simple, everyday sustainable action into your daily routine. An action is considered more sustainable when it positively affects you, your family, your community, your workplace and your planet. The more you know about saving the Environment the better. Click here to learn more.

Eating healthy food and being physically active is not just something you do, it's a lifestyle. Regular physical activity and adequate nutrition are important for overall health and wellbeing. Following a healthy diet and exercising gives you the energy you need to stay active, perform well and maintain a suitable weight. The more you know about staying active, the better. Click here to learn more.

We live in a connected, documented, and technologically enhanced world. As a parent you always want to know where your children are, even where they are on the web. Children are digital natives so it is important that they learn to navigate the internet safely. Click here to learn more.

Our veterans put their lives on the line each and every day to keep American safe. Upon returning from deployment, though, many struggle to transition into civilian life. In the last two years, we have seen a positive trend in veteran employment, and welcome it. The private, public, and nonprofit sectors have come together to start a conversation in America, and we believe employers are listening. Click here to learn more.
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