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  • My Baby's Got a Fever!

    A frequent reason parents contact a pediatrician is when their child has a fever. But what is a fever, and what actually causes it?  Be able to evaluate and treat fever, and be more confident about when to be concerned about your child's condition.More >>
  • Dealing With Diaper Rash

    For most babies, diaper rash is a fact of life. Here's information on how to prevent and treat most diaper rashes, and when to consult your pediatrician about this problem. More >>
  • Coping with Colic

    Colic is not really an illness. It is a frequent variation of infant behavior, and occurs in about 20 percent of all babies. There is sudden onset of loud, continuous crying, lasting several hours at a time. So how do you cope?More >>
  • Choosing the Right Infant Formula for Your Baby

    For expectant parents, a decision regarding the method of feeding their new baby is often a difficult one. Should I breast feed my baby? Is formula really bad for my baby?  I wasn't nursed, so why should I nurse my baby?  Click here for answers to all your formula and feeding questions. More >>
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