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  • Sky in a Jar

    Sky in a Jar

    SKY IN A JAR WHAT YOU WILL NEED: A clear, straight-sided drinking glass, or clear plastic or glass jar. Water Milk Measuring Spoons Flashlight A Darkened Room INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the glass orMore >>
  • Water Cycle

    Water Cycle

    WATER CYCLE MATERIALS: pixie cup baggy tape water PROCESS: Put a small amount of water in the pixie cup. Put the pixie cup in a baggy and close the baggy. Tape the baggy with the cup of waterMore >>
  • Make a Tornado

    Make a Tornado

    MAKE A TORNADO MATERIALS: 2 2-liter clear plastic pop bottles (empty and clean) water 1-inch metal washer duct tape or you can go to a science store and get a ‘tornado tube’ that will connect theMore >>
  • Make a Barometer

    Make a Barometer

    MAKE A BAROMETER Do you know what the air pressure is today? You can find out for yourself by measuring the air pressure on a barometer. MATERIALS: small coffee can plastic wrap scissors strawMore >>
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  • Make Thunder

    Make Thunder

    HOW TO MAKE THUNDER MATERIALS: brown paper lunch bag PROCESS: Fill the brown paper lunch bag by blowing into it. Twist the open end and close with your hand. Quickly hit the bag with your free More >>
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