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At the law office of Michael G. Pond, we understand that banks, mortgage companies, finance companies, credit card companies, hospitals and other lenders often act unreasonably when difficult situations cause you to fall behind. Many times all that our clients need is a little time to get caught up and back on their feet. If your creditors are threatening foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment or legal action...
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  • What is Chapter 7?

    What is Chapter 7?

    Chapter 7 bankrutcy does not involve a repayment plan like Chapter 13 debt consolidation; instead it allows debtors to "discharge" or eliminate most debts. Generally, Chapter 7 is most beneficial in discharging and eliminating "unsecured" debt such as credit card debt, medical bills, or deficiency balances as a result of auto repossession. More >>
  • What is Chapter 13?

    What is Chapter 13?

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, also commonly referred to as "Debt Consolidation", "Bill Consolidation" or a "Wage Earner Plan", is an alternative to "straight bankruptcy" or Chapter 7.More >>
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