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Canton, MS 03/17/09

Police officer shoots, kills family pet

By Monica Hernandez - bio | email

CANTON, MS (WLBT) - "I'm going to forever keep this because this is the last thing I have in remembrance of my dog is what took her life," said Lorraine Levy, holding the shell from the bullet that killed her one-year-old dog, Amber.

A Canton police officer shot and killed the dog in Levy's front yard Sunday, after Levy called 911 to get medical help for her niece.

"I said, 'If I had known I was calling you to kill my dog, I would have just dealt with trying to take her to the emergency room myself,'" said Levy.

Levy said paramedics were already inside her Canton home when the officer showed up.

"My dog went to barking and circling him," said Levy.

But before Levy could put her dog on a leash, the officer pulled out a gun.

"Preliminary investigation shows he was justified in doing that. He felt threatened by the dog, he was a pit bull dog that was charging him and according to our code here, those type dogs, or any dog, should be on a leash," said Assistant Canton Police Chief Bracey Coleman.

Levy admits she didn't keep her dog on a leash, saying she didn't know about the leash law. She denies Amber was a pit bull.

"I believe that policeman just wanted to kill," said Levy. "When he did it, he didn't have no remorse. Just popped him and kept on going up into my house."

Coleman said the dog stopped the officer from entering the house three times before the officer fired his weapon.

"I think that's a clear indication that there should be some control when it comes to pit bulls. In law enforcement, we carry weapons every day, but regular citizens don't. How can they defend themselves when it comes to these animals," asked Coleman.

"It was just like he had gunned my child down," said Levy. "Because that is my grand-dog. It lived in the house with me."

But while the family mourns the loss of their dog, its body is lying on the side of the road, waiting for the garbage man to pick it up. Levy said there is a reason she doesn't want to bury Amber.

"I just couldn't go out there to pick up my dog after I saw him brutally killed. I was too traumatized to go out there and get him because it was too painful," said Levy.

Amber had half a dozen puppies just a few weeks before the incident.

Levy said the puppies are suffering without their mother because they are so young.

Meanwhile, Canton police said they will continue to investigate the incident.

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