Melton addresses controversial photos - - Jackson, MS

Jackson, MS 03/31/09

Melton addresses controversial photos

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mayor Frank Melton addressed some rather controversial photographs of him that have been circulating on the internet recently.

Melton is seen in two separate pictures posing with scantily clad women. The shots are now posted on

The mayor says they were taken in 2006 and there is a simple explanation.

"That was very innocent," he told WLBT. "I was having lunch at Peaches Restaurant on Farish Street, and they were shooting a film across the street, and I was so excited to have someone on Farish Street shooting a commercial. So I came out. The young ladies -- it was a commercial about antique cars, and they asked me to take a picture with them, and I accommodated them. And that was the extent of it."

Melton says he also has taken pictures with Hollywood stars and offered to show them to us.

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