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Ole Miss Mascot

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Image from mascot.olemiss.edu Image from mascot.olemiss.edu
Image from mascot.olemiss.edu Image from mascot.olemiss.edu
Image from mascot.olemiss.edu Image from mascot.olemiss.edu


The Rebel Land Shark is based on a tradition begun by the late Rebel football player Tony Fein, whose "Fins Up" hand motion has already caught fire with Rebel fans. The Rebel Land Shark would be a living embodiment of this tradition, complete with a shark head and fin. The Land Shark is a result of an organic movement on campus and would be unique to the Ole Miss Rebels. Many in the Rebel family have already embraced the Land Shark, making it a growing part of the football game-day experience, and the Land Shark has begun to spread to other sports, too.



In Mississippi, many stories that have been shared for generations center around our native black bear. In William Faulkner's "The Bear", Old Ben, a formidable black bear, is a symbol of pride, strength, and toughness. Additionally, the legend of the "Teddy Bear" originated in Mississippi when President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a defenseless bear on a Mississippi hunt in 1902. The Rebel Black Bear, an imposing figure, would intimidate any opponent and be a real source of school spirit. Off the field, The Rebel Black Bear would be an Ole Miss ambassador, full of pride and welcoming any opportunity to spread the joy of being a Rebel.



Nothing says Ole Miss like these two words… Hotty Toddy. They embrace the culture at Ole Miss like nothing else. Southern charm, hospitality, pride, tradition… Hotty Toddy means all of that and more. Among the Ole Miss family, these words have become a familiar greeting, a way of connecting with others through a shared love of Ole Miss.

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