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Brandon 12/17/08

Fiery wreck kills two, injures three

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By Monica Hernandez - bio | email

BRANDON, MS (WLBT) - Interstate 20 West has been re-opened after a fiery crash that killed two people and injured three others.  

It happened on Interstate 20 west near exit 54 in Brandon.

It was a horrific scene Wednesday morning as Brandon firefighters extinguished the flames that engulfed a small car sandwiched between two 18-wheelers.

Brandon Police Chief Ken McBroom said the driver of the car, 35-year-old Michael Oliver of Highway 471 in Brandon, was killed.

A passenger of the 18-wheeler in the rear of the accident, Calvin Williams of Longview, Texas, was also killed on the scene.

Both truck drivers and the drivers of another car involved were rushed to the hospital.  Marcus Johnson was driving the truck in the rear of the accident.  Nathaniel Knight was driving a tanker truck that was rear-ended.  And 50-year-old William Peter Swisstor of Midway, AL was driving the other car involved.

I-20 West was shut down for most of the day while authorities cleaned up the scene.

"It's pretty bad... We'll open the eastbound traffic and we'll keep westbound closed until we can get it cleaned up," said McBroom.

Willard Williams has been driving 18-wheelers for nearly 20 years.  The wreck happened right in front of him.

"The car came around me first, got in front of me, then that's when the big truck came around me and got in front of me.  Next thing I know -- boom!  It happened real fast," said Williams.

Authorities said traffic was at a standstill before the wreck because of an earlier crash.  Williams believes the driver of this large boxcar wasn't paying attention when he slammed into the smaller car, which hit the tanker, which crashed into a silver car.

"Everything was stopped.  If he hadn't rammed into the back of that car and pushed it up to that tanker, there wouldn't have been an accident," said Williams.

Officials said it could take days to investigate what caused the crash.  Some said it's the worst wreck they've ever seen.

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