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Jackson, MS 12/26/08

Barbour revokes order, sex offender will be returned to prison

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By Jon Kalahar - bio | email

A convicted sex offender given a 90 day pass from governor Haley Barbour is expected to be back behind bars this weekend after the Louisiana Attorney General questions why he was out in the first place.

"It was an incident where a girl was taken out in the woods, tied up an it just so happen a hunter got there before something worse happen," said Mississippi Attorney General, Jim Hood.

That's what now 40-year-old Leslie Bowlin did to a Mississippi State student in 1990. He was sentenced to life plus 25 years behind bars. But despite all that, six days ago Governor Haley Barbour signed an executive order allowing Bowlin to go home for the Christmas.

"Course we looked at whether the Governor had authority to do that, he has authority to just give them a pardon and turn him out there with a furlough," said Hood.

Earlier this year, Barbour commuted the sentence of a convicted murderer working as a trusty at the Governor's mansion. Barbour was heckled at the Neshoba County Fair for releasing Michael David Graham, who killed his wife Adrienne Klasky in broad daylight 19 year ago.

But, Bowlin's return to his parents' home in Sicily Island, Louisiana was a shock to Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. Caldwell's even threatening a lawsuit against the state of Mississippi.

"The sheriff in Louisiana verified he's not on any type of monitoring system so he is free to move on his on," said Hood.

After this interview, Hood was notified by his office , Barbour revoked the executive order freeing Bowlin and the Mississippi Department of Correction will pick him up this weekend.

No word if Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell will still seek possible legal action.  Repeated phone calls to the Governor's press staff have not been returned.

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