Shabby Chic - - Jackson, MS

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a mixture of styles, from French country to contemporary.

The goal is to take whatever you have in your home and mix them together to make a look that unique.

" It’s like wearing a pair of your favorite blue jeans and an elegant lace blouse together."

A candelabra with crystals and different color candles or an old pillow with a big rose on top is shabby chic.

The old aluminum Christmas tree accented with beads, unique ornaments and lots of frills is a great look for a powder room, bedroom or kitchen.

A chandelier made of old metal with antique beads and new feathers would look great hanging in a powder room or over a vanity.

You can take a table square and create a tree skirt by adding sequence to make it look new.

Shabby chic is just taking what you have and blending the styles to create your own interesting look.

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