Mayoral candidate refuses campaign contributions - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 05/26/09

Mayoral candidate refuses campaign contributions

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A Jackson mayoral candidate says the play-to-pay system for businesses will stop if she is elected.

Independent candidate Charlotte Reeves filed campaign financial reports Tuesday stating that she received nor spent any money.

The Jackson business owner says she turned down thousands in donations to send the message that she owes no one and will represent everyone.

Reeves also accused politicians of current and past administrations of demanding campaign contributions in exchange for signing off on contracts.

"Money is time for these contractors. You just can't sit there and wait and talk about it, and some of them are getting the shakedown. I mean that is just a fact, and I know it for a fact that some are getting the shakedown. It is not right that you have to pay to play to do business in Jackson," said Reeves.

Reeves says she spent $150 out of pocket on her campaign website and cards.

Reeves faces five other candidates in the general election June 2.

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