Officials fill pothole after call from Three On Your Side - - Jackson, MS

Officials fill pothole after call from Three On Your Side

By Monica Hernandez - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - "That pothole is tearing up my vehicle, man. They won't even fix the hole, I don't know what the problem is," said Thomas Jones.

According to Jones, a large pothole on the corner of Ford Avenue and Markham Street in West Jackson has caused hundreds of dollars in damage to his Chevy SUV. He's just one of the residents who has a story about the pit.

"I was walking and I didn't see it and I fell in it. It was kind of amazing because of how big it was and I didn't see it," said Lajerrica Parker, who recently moved into the neighborhood.

Nine-year-old Jacqueline McDonald was in her father's truck during a bumpy drive through the hole.

"I just hurt myself, my legs, it hurt a little," said McDonald.

The hole was filled with standing water that breeds mosquitos. And neighbors have been hoping city officials would do something about it.

"We promise and guarantee to have potholes completed within 72 hours of us being notified," said Thelman Boyd, director of Public Works for the City of Jackson.

But Ricky Brigman believes his calls to the city have fallen through the cracks.

"We live on these streets, and we have to put up with something like this. It's ridiculous. You could bury a car in that hole. People come through there, they bottom out, I've had to pull cars out of it myself," said Brigman.

"We're going to go back and look and see how we can improve on the system, see exactly what happened. But we will let you know, that pothole will be repaired by the end of the day," said Boyd.

And that's exactly what happened, within hours of Three On Your Side's call to city officials. Now the dangerous hole is filled in.

If you want the city of Jackson to fill in potholes in your neighborhood, call the city's pothole hotline at (601) 960-POTH, or (601) 960-7684. The city says it'll respond within 72 hours.

If for some reason, you don't receive a response, call Three on Your Side at (601) 914-HELP, or (601) 914-4357.



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