Northwest Rankin High School - - Jackson, MS

Going Green Mississippi Champion : 6th Place Winner

Solid Waste Control-Fence Skim Floating Trash

Solid Waste Control- Fence to skim Floating Trash

List Expenses:

Completed for Under $400.00

Type of Project (Air, Land, Water, waste or energy efficiency):

Water & Aq. habitat protection/ waste control/recycling

Description of Project:

Built trash diversion fence out of treated lumber, construction netting and wire to contain some of the floating trash that comes down Eubanks Creek and pollutes LeFleur's Bluff State Park, Serves Beatification, Recycling and raising awareness of the solid waste the city contributes to the Pearl River, an impaired water body listed by DEQ.

Name of Group:

Senior Project Northwest Rankin H.S.

Number of Persons in Group:

Self and 5 classmates, dad, one museum staff person List the Goals of the Group Project: Divert and corral the floating urban trash that invades Museum of Natural Science trails from Eubanks Creek and the Pearl River during floods.

Additional Information on your project (Optional):

Tom chose a project mentor to help him with the project and to provide guidance in vocation and career choices as part of the senior project. Tom also will present a power-point on the project and submit an extensive report.

What are the benefits of your Project:

Helping contain the floating trash and make the cleanup after each high water event on the Pearl a little easier for the museum trails staff.

What have you learned from your Project:

Tom learned about the solid waste problem it's self, plus learned design and adaptive management. The project was an experiment and it proved to work after some tweaking of the design.  I got to build it and watch it work in 4 successive high water events.

List Materials Used:

    • 4 X 4 treated pine posts of various lengths
    • 4 bags of cement
    • 4 rolls of construction fencing
    • Cable ties
    • Galvanized cable
    • Nails
    • 2 X 4 treated lumber
    • Brads
    • Nails
    • Bolts
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