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Going Green Mississippi Champion : 2nd Place Winner

Generation E Initiative

Generation E Initiative

List Expenses:

    • Recycling Bins - $1,200
    • Grants to Non-Profit Organizations - $42,500
    • Related Sponsorships - $30,000
    • CFL Bulbs - $1,500
    • Weatherization Program - $29,000
    • Brochures and Other Educational Materials - $10,000

Type of Project (Air, Land, Water, waste or energy efficiency):

Energy Efficiency

Description of Project:

Entergy's Generation E initiative is a forward-thinking environmental focus aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, launching educational programs within both the company and the communities we serve, and encouraging others to make similar commitments.  If everyone uses energy more wisely, less fuel has to be burned to create energy. This results in fewer emissions, a positive for the environment.  The implementation of Generation E ranges from small, individual steps to sweeping change. Entergy has about 1,900 employees in Mississippi and 1,000 retirees. Generation E includes their collective efforts and company-wide commitments that position Entergy as a leader among its peers and a role model for all corporations to go green.

Activities in Generation E include:

  • Promoted BYOC - Bring Your Own Cup to employees at companyheadquarters in Jackson to eliminate landfill waste from Styrofoam cups and the energy it takes to produce Styrofoam
  • Introduced paper recycling at company headquarters in Jackson andswitched all copy paper to more expensive recycled paper
  • Sponsored Sustainable Choices exhibition at the Mississippi Museum ofNatural Science in Jackson, which reached 75,000 visitors
  • Sponsored Mal's St. Paddy's Day Parade - Recycle, Renew, RethinkDowntown to promote downtown Jackson redevelopment and highlight Entergy's own commitment to renovate an existing building (Electric 308) instead of new construction
  • Published the "Green Meetings Guide" to instruct employees on howto host low-impact meetings and raise environmental awareness during the course of everyday business
  • Launched an environmental Web site on Earth Day to provide customerswith tools to calculate their carbon footprint and tips on how to reduce it - http://entergy.com/earthday/default.aspx
  • Hosts a "Just for Kids" Web site providing younger audiences withtips for conserving energy at home - http://entergy.apogee.net/kids/
  • Participated in Energy Star's Change-A-Light program, handing outthousands of free compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to customers throughout Mississippi (Company management recently decided to support this program as a year-round effort rather than just a month-longpromotion.)
  • Partnered with public and private entities to spearhead the OldCapitol Green project, which will revitalize a 16-block area in Jackson's downtown area with LEED certified and other green building projects (Entergy donated several blocks of real estate to this effort.)
  • Worked with local public and non-profit organizations to organize theEnergy Assistance Fair this spring at the Jackson Medical Mall, which reached about 400 low-income customers with free home weatherization demonstrations, energy efficiency information, and free CFLs
  • Developed a "Go Green" email tagline on Earth Day for suggestedinclusion on employee emails, raising awareness in our own offices and among those we do business with
  • Provided volunteers for the Keep America Beautiful Earth Day event at the Jackson Zoo
  • Partnered with the Jackson chapter of Habitat for Humanity to build one Habitat home every year for the past ten years to Energy Star standards
  • Presents about 75 "Powerful Solutions" home weatherization demonstrations annually to educate customers throughout Mississippi on how to be smart consumers of electricity
  • Purchased weatherization materials and partnered with World Changers and other nonprofits to weatherize 168 homes of low-income customers throughout central Mississippi (168 in 2008; weatherize similar number of homes annually)
  • Provided $42,500 in 2008 grants for environmental projects throughout Mississippi

Name of Group:

Entergy Mississippi, Inc.

Number of Persons in Group:

    • Employees : 1,900
    • Retirees : 1,000; Customers:
    • Total : 433,000

List the Goals of the Group Project:

Entergy is one of the cleanest utilities in the country (second cleanest among the top ten electric producers). It was the first utility in the country to voluntarily reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, exceeding a self-imposed goal of 20% reduction in carbon emissions while at the same time meeting an ever-increasing demand for power. Generation E is a project that builds on Entergy's corporate commitment to clean energy and its leadership among utilities by enlisting every customer and employee to make sustainable choices at work and at home.

The goals of the project are:

    • To educate employees and customers about smart energy use.
    • To encourage employees and customers to use what they've learned to weatherize their homes/businesses, to use energy-efficient bulbs and appliances, etc.
    • To identify and implement other proactive efforts to protect and preserve the environment - both at our places of business and within the community.

What are the benefits of your Project:

Benefits are numerous:

    • A customer base that's more educated about responsible energy consumption and how they can control their energy use
    • Educated employees who can serve as ambassadors to the community regarding sustainable energy choices
    • Less waste at company headquarters and local offices statewide
    • More funding in the community for environmentally-friendly projects

What have you learned from your Project:

At Entergy Mississippi, we have learned that as an energy company, we are in a unique position to take a leadership role in environmental stewardship. Every choice each person makes, no matter how large or small, has an impact on our environment.

Entergy has a strong corporate culture for protecting the environment and leads the country in clean energy production and advocacy for sustainable energy policies. Through Generation E, we are building a grassroots effort that reaches out to every employee and customer to become active partners in our goal to be good stewards of our natural resources.

List Materials Used:

    • Web site
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Brochures and Booklets
    • CFLs
    • Weatherization Materials
    • Volunteers
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