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Going Green Mississippi Champion : 1st Place Winner

Cougar Green Team : Making NWRMS Green

Cougar Green Club - Making NWRMS Green

List Expenses:

    • Soil - $55
    • Fertilizer
    • Ant Killer
    • Donations From Sponsors and Parents

Name of Group:

Cougar Green Club - Making NWRMS Green

Number of Persons in Group:

    • Club - 35
    • Sponsors - 6
    • Entire 6th Grade Class - 400 Students
    • Teachers - 18

Type of Project:

The club was founded midyear 2009 by one of our 6th grade students and has been mainly a 6th grade project thus far.  The club plans to expand it's membership to include the entire school next year.  Our members brainstorm ideas for projects.  Our projects are varied and include anything that helps the environment and makes our school a better place.  Our projects have included beautification, recycling and energy conservation.  Our club in participating in Water Fest 09 at Lakeshore Park on the Ross Barnett Reservoir, June 20th from 10-2 as volunteers and with a booth to help educate public about watershed issues that affect us all.

Beautification projects include the planting of 100 Oak Trees at the entrance to our school.  Decorative pots filled with flowers have been placed at the school's main entrance and at other entrances around the school.  Improvements to our campus include picking up litter and replanting our butterfly garden which is part of the nature trail behind our campus.

Recycling efforts include recycling paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic.  For example, the Cougar Green Club recycles an estimated 150 plastic milk bottles from our cafeteria each day.

Energy conservation is encouraged by turning off lights when the room is not in use and turning on only one of the two fluorescent light fixtures during class.  Shutting down all computers and electronics over the weekend and when not in sue is also encouraged.  Our daily energy consumption has decreased approximately 20%.  NWRMS is a test site for solar energy.  Sixteen panes are in operation and producing electricity.  tod date the panes have generated 176 kilowatt hours.

List the Goals of the Group Project:

The Cougar Green Club would like to motivate the entire Northwest Rankin Middle School (6-8) to get involved in efforts to GO GREEN.  The total school population is 1270 students.  CCG wants to expand the recycling of paper, cardboard, aluminum and all plastics including all plastic milk bottles from the cafeteria.  We want to place planters at every entrance to our campus fill with looking plants and planing more trees across the grounds.  The club would like to continue efforts on the nature trail, maintenance and new outdoor classroom areas.  Energy savings will be priority and the expansion of the solar program.  We would like to encourage other schools, especially elementary schools to organize a Green Club of their own.  These young children will be our future and will grow up environmentally aware.

Additional Information on your Project (Optional):

The Cougar Green Club could not have accomplished all it has done without the members's parents.  They have made this club a success.  Many solicited local business for most of the items we needed or supplied them personally.  Our gifted classes at NWRMS are in charge of the recycling portion.

What are the benefits of your project?:

Benefits are cooperation and teamwork by accomplishing goals and taking pride in our school and mother earth.  the Cougar Green Club gets many compliments from students, parents and the community.  Many of our projects came from someone seeing what has been done and asking what they could do to help.  Yet another project was born!  Tax dollars are saved by reducing our energy bill approximately 20%.  We are encouraging people to GO GREEN.

What have you learned from you project?:

It is amazing to see what a small group of 11-12 year olds can accomplish.  It is wonderful to see how excited they are to do what it takes and how proud they are when the work is done.  When someone compliments us on how nice our school is looking, the students are experiencing a feeling that they are part of something bigger than themselves.  It is teaching them responsibility  and they are setting good examples for their peers.  They will be good stewards of the earth for their own future as well as their children's future.  Most of our projects had tremendous parental and teacher/sponsor involvement.  It is wonderful to see parents, children and teachers working together for a common goal.  Our school can reduce our energy consumption by employing simple common sense measures.

List Materials Used:

    • Soil
    • Plants
    • Trees
    • Planters
    • Shovels
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Rescued Plastic Bags for Collecting
    • Plastic Milk Bottles from Cafeteria
    • Paper Boxes in Each Classroom for Paper Recycling
    • Recycling Bins for Collection
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