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MOST WANTED - Pigeon Drop Suspects

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

The ultimate scam is called a pigeon drop. This crime happened to a woman shopping in Ridgeland recently. We have the bank surveillance photo's. MOST WANTED is also protecting the identity of the crime victim.  

The suspects approached the elderly victim at a grocery store, claiming they found a purse filled with cash, $45 thousand.  The scammers work as a team and offer to share their new found treasure.

We were given bank surveillance pictures by Ridgeland detectives of the crime in progress. The suspects  tell their victim it will cost her $1 thousand for her share of the loot. She's seen making a withdrawal. The female suspect is next to her wearing a white shirt and blue jean cap. Cops don't know who the accused criminal is. Do you?

She was reportedly identified only as Shirley. Police say the scammers tell the woman to wait in her car while they count her share of the loot. She waited and waited. The suspects split never to be seen again.

The victim of this pigeon drop is left holding the bag, she loses the hope of a quick profit but also her own money.  Don't fall for strangers offering to share their good fortune. This is the type of crime that proliferates because the victim who fears being thought of as incompetent often fails to report it. The con artists are out there, report them before they stick up someone else.

If you have information about the suspects please call the Ridgeland Police Department.

Call 601-856-2121 or CRIMESTOPPERS 601-355-8477.

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